The Book

COVID Lockdown Insanity: The COVID Deaths It Prevented, The Depression and Suicides It Caused, What We Should Have Done, and What It Shows We Could Do Now to Address Real Crises

How does a nation, a world, respond to one of the great existential crisis of our times? With the logic of a lawyer and the scientific expertise of an immunologist, Hugh McTavish, J.D., Ph.D., walks us through the COVID-19 pandemic in both scientific and human terms, beyond the simple metrics of case and death counts to the far more devastating consequences of our social response to this disease. His careful review of the scientific evidence related to COVID-19 transmission and his analysis of the human and economic costs of our lockdown response to this scourge reveal both the distressing dysfunctionality of our governing elite as well as an unexpected path forward to making enlightened policy decisions that offer the hope of solutions to our greatest and most enduring national and global challenges.